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iPhone Repair in Mumbai

We are leading Apple iPhone Repair Center in Mumbai, Andheri West, providing customized iPhone Repair, upgrades and parts Replacement services for all iPhone users. Our team of expert iPhone Repair technicians has the skills to repair and troubleshoot any faulty Apple iPhone at fast turnaround time.

Here some faulty iPhone issues that we repair-

Dead iPhone
iPhone won’t turn on
Wi-Fi issues
Unexpected shutdown issue
iPhone Video won’t Play
Bluetooth issues
Cracked / Broken screen
Logic board failure
iPhone charger cable not working
Power button not working
iPhone slow performance

Audio issue
iPhone touch screen issues
Home button not working properly
iPhone Head Phone jack not working
Headphones not working on iPhone
Apple iPhone body cover damage
iPhone Water damage
Camera issue
Battery issues
Charging Port issues
iPhone home button not working after screen Replacement

Our Apple iPhone Repair Services Include :

Have you cracked or damaged your Apple iPhone only to find out that Screen has broken or shattered or is the touch Screen not working right? Don’t worry, we are here to help,  at our iPhone repair Mumbai; we replace your Apple iPhone Screen within 20 minutes and get your iPhone back working like new with 3-month warranty. Please call us to fix your broken iPhone Screen Replacement.

iPhones are famous for their batteries running out, even with the more up to date models like the iPhone 7. The amount of processes that we have going ahead inside our phones means the batteries can drain really quickly or even break. iPhone Service Center in Mumbai, we can replace the battery of your iPhone with a brand new one in as little as 15 minutes and we will always run a speedy analysis and we have fitted it to make sure it is all in working order.

Does your heart break when you drop your iPhone and the Glass gets broke or cracked? We understand these feelings and so Apple Repair Centre carries to you inexpensive Apple iPhone Repair in Mumbai.

We will help you in fixing your iPhone Glass and also help when your liquid or water damage iPhone needs repairing. Our iPhone Repair team of technician will help you with any kind of iPhone Repair in Mumbai, then let it be iPhone Glass Replacement in Mumbai or regardless of the possibility that there is any iPhone liquid Damage. We are always here to help you.

If your iPhone is not working properly, then it could be related to a logic board failure. Bring your device to our Apple iPhone service center, we will analysis it and inform you on the iPhone logic board repair needs. Our technicians are very expert to repair all iPhone series devices. This includes logic board Replacement. They are not only able in common iPhone Repair and maintenance services but also in advance BGA (Ball Grid Array) rebelling and reflow techniques. Our technicians will also give you with some simple steps on how to protect your device in the future.

If you have an issue with the damage iPhone home button, your fingerprint recognition or if it is just not working at all, Apple iPhone Service Center in Andheri West, Mumbai we can repair or Replace it. Replacing the iPhone home button take around 20minutes. Sometimes issue with the button is a part of a liquid / water damage or another physical damage, we everything cover that.

The charging port on your Apple iPhone is likely most important part of the entire phone. If your Apple iPhone is not charging when you connect it to then it is most likely time to get your iPhone’s charging port repaired or replaced. In our Apple iPhone service center in Mumbai, we can easily Repair or Replace your iPhone charging port for you, ought to the worst happen. We also provide high quality iPhone Charging port Replacement in Mumbai at very low cost.

 If you are resolved to get an expert Repair or replace for your iPhone power button, our iPhone Power Button Repair specialists are Ready to help. We have the experience and knowledge to get your iPhone power button working like a new one. At iPhone power button Replacement in Mumbai Centre we know that you would prefer not to be without your gadget for one more second. As our iPhone Repair team has 5 years of experience so we can fix any kind of issues with your Apple device.

The iPhone volume buttons are a small but important part of your phone. Having issues with volume buttons on your iPhone can be very irritating. Do you find yourself pressing the home button many times before getting a response? Here at iPhone Service Center, we offer low cost but high quality iPhone volume button Repair and Replacement service in Andheri West and all across the Mumbai. Our iPhone Repair technician are very expert in all type of issues including volume button Repair and Replacement. IPhone volume button replacement generally takes around 30 minutes.

Are you nervous of loosing all your important files and document? Can’t recognize what caused it so? Don’t waste your time searching for the problem in useless, benefit of the service of Apple Repair Centre right way. We understand your requirement for getting timely, efficient Apple iPhone Data Recovery. With 5 years of experience of Apple iPhone data Recovery service behind us, you can be assured Apple Repair Centre has the iPhone data Recovery capability to recover data from all media types irrespective of the format.

Process to Fix Your iPhone issue-

iPhone repair mumbai call us
Get Free quote at iPhone repair Mumbai
Free Doorstep pickup at iPhone Repair Mumbai
iPhone Repair Done
Free Drop off from iPhone repair mumbai
Pay cash on iPhone Repair mumbai
To fix your Apple iPhone issue simply call us and talk with our Apple Certified technician about your device issue. Our apple tech guy simply describe you how your iPhone will get repaired and also tell you whether your iPhone issue need to repair or replacement and how much it will cost. The cost is depending on your iPhone issue. So call our iPhone Repair Mumbai Service to get a free quote for your iPhone issue.
Same day iPhone Repair
Apple iPhone repair in Mumbai

The Apple iPhone Models that we Repair:

We have more than 10 years of experience in handling all models of iPhone hardware and software. Our Apple Certified technicians are highly skilled and trained who have huge experience in Replacement, Repair and Upgrade for any Apple device.

iPhone 4 Repair
Apple iPhone 4s Repair
iPhone 5 Repair
Apple iPhone 5c Repair
iPhone 5s Repair
Apple iPhone 6 Repair
iPhone 6plus Repair
Apple iPhone 6s Repair
iPhone 6s plus Repair
Apple iPhone 7 Repair
iPhone 7 Plus Repair

How long it will take to Repair your iPhone?

If it’s urgent then our technicians can fix your device within an hour. It’s also depending on your device issue how long it will take to be repaired. We offer free pick and drop facility in Mumbai area so you don’t need to visit our iPhone repair Centre mumbai. We will send our technicians to check the issues, if the issue is simple then tech guys will try to fix your iPhone within an hour. If your iPhone needs parts replacement or repair then we will decide to bring your device to our Apple Repair Mumbai and we will fix it within maximum 1-2 business days. You can also drop it off in our iPhone service center in Mumbai.

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