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About Us

Certified Apple Repair Centre

Apple Repair Centre is one of the certified Apple service centre in Mumbai, India. With 10 years of experience we provide expert Apple repair service of iPhones, iPads, iMacs, and Macbook computers. We do our best to make happy our all customers, where our technicians are Apple certified, well trained and have more than 10 years experience. Apple Repair Centre believed in making a good relationship with customers to deserve the best possible service and welcome all the new customers to our best customer service.

What Apple Repair Centre do?

Our main purpose is to fix Mac Laptops, Desktops, iPads, iPhones and others apple gadgets at the best possible price in the best promising time. Our apple repairing service use only original and high quality parts to fix your devices and we also offer minimum 4 months warranty. We ensure our quality service with all original parts. We want you to believe that you have come to the right place for the best customer service. Apple Repair Centre support all users having apple gadgets with anything from hardware to software issues like Virus infections, broken screens, parts replacements, network problems to data recovery and many things.

What Makes Apple Repair Centre the best?

  • We have multi-talented technicians – Skilled, Professionals Trustworthy, and Friendly. Our technicians have experience to fix any problems you are having with your gadgets.
  • We guaranteed our best customers services at best possible price. We are very promising in time; you’ll get your device repaired in time as we promised.
  • As a Certified service provider we use only original products to repair your Apple gadgets and we offer minimum 4 year warranty.
  • We are expert in all the gadgets – whether it’s an apple laptops, desktops, iPhones, tablets or Apple TV. Our team have the skills to solve any hardware and software issue in your devices.

Customers Reviews

I highly recommend the expert of Mac Repairs Mumbai, Shop No G24. Very experienced and knowledgeable person working here. Just watching the expert work, I was definite that my iPhone 4S is in right hands. I had a long conversation with the expert while he was repairing my iPhone 4S. I was really impressed with his knowledge about the product and I asked him how he knows it like back of his hand (very well), he mentioned previously he has worked for Apple service centers.

Apple Repair centre in Mumbai

Mr. Gobind


Well, I went into depression when my Macbook Pro was gone. Initially I went to B2X Apple authorized service center, they replaced MBP’s RAM, giving me a bill of Rs.10000, and bullS**t people didn’t even bring my MBP alive. After charging, they said that my Logic (Mother) board is damaged and I need to replace it which would charge me Rs.42000. Who would repair a laptop with this quotation? Purchasing was better option. I had already made up my mind to buy new one. Luckily I got a contact of Macbook repair center (Mumbai IT services), and thought to give last try. God bless these people, they bring dead MacBooks alive. With just mere Rs.8000, i got my Graphic card repaired, and got my laptop repaired and it is working smoothly and perfectly just the way it was purchased. Thanks a lot Bhupen. I would recommend everyone for macbook owners to repair it from Apple Repair Centre when out of warranty.

Apple repair centrre in Mumbai

Mr. Vivek Gupta


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